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Mumbai Indians Fantasy League 2023

Match No.5 - Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

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LEADERBOARD Fantasy League 2023

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IPL 2020

× Match 1 vs CSK
Match 2 vs KKR
Match 3 vs RCB
Match 4 vs KXIP
Match 5 vs SRH
Match 6 vs RR
Match 7 vs DCa
Match 8 vs KKR
Match 9 vs KXIP
Match 10 vs CSK
Match 11 vs RR
Match 12 vs RCB
Match 13 vs DCa
Match 14 vs SRH
Match 15, Qualifier 1 vs DCa
Match 16, Final vs DCa

IPL 2021

× Match 1 vs RCB
Match 2 vs KKR
Match 3 vs SRH
Match 4 vs DCa
Match 5 vs PBKS
Match 6 vs RR
Match 7 vs CSK
Match 8 vs SRH
Match 9 vs RR
Match 10 vs KKR
Match 11 vs PBKS
Match 12 vs CSK
Match 13 vs RCB
Match 14 vs DCa

Rules and Point System

Rules and Regulations:

1) Team composition: Exactly 5 players, maximum 2 overseas players. Between 3 to 4 batting options, and between 2 to 3.5 bowling options.
2) Role wise credit and half credit: A batsman or a wicketkeeper is counted as 1 batting option, while a bowler is counted as 1 bowling option. An allrounder is counted as 1 batting and 1 bowling option. A batting allrounder is counted as 1 batsman and 0.5 bowler, while a bowler is counted as 0.5 batsman and 1 bowler
3) Deadline: The option to make changes to the team will be closed one hour before the scheduled start time. In case of rain delays, the portal will close 5 mins before the toss.
4) Player limit: A specific player can feature in your side maximum 8 times in the league stage, and 10 games overall. This rule is not applicable on the uncapped players.

Fantasy Table:

1) Name: Airplane icon stands for Overseas Player, while the ‘U’ icon stands for an uncapped player
2) Roles: Refer Rule no.2 for team balance and credits.
3) Fantasy score: The points earned by the player in the tournament so far.
4) Counter: The number of times you have picked the player in your team in the tournament so far. Refer Rule no.4 for Player limit rules.

Point System:

A) Batting Points:
1) 1 point for every run scored
2) Strike rate bonus: (Runs scored minus Balls faced)
3) 10 points for every 25 run milestone
4) Boundary bonus: 1 point for every four, 3 for every six
5) 10 points if a batsman is unbeaten
6) Finisher’s special -If a batsman comes to bat after 15th over, and scores at least 15 runs with a Strike Rate above 200, he gets 15 points
7) Minus 10 points if a batsman faces 20 balls and still ends up at a strike rate below 100 (Not applicable on Bowlers or Bowling Allrounders)
Example: Sachin scored 89*(59) vs RR in 2010, hitting 10 fours and 2 sixes. His Fantasy points will be calculated as - 89 + (89-59) + (10+10+10) + (10x1 + 2x3) + 10 = 175 points

B) Bowling Points:
1) 20 points per wicket
2) Milestone bonus: If a bowler ends up with a 3 wicket haul - 10 points, 4-wicket haul - 15 points, 5 or more wickets - 25 points
3) Early bird bonus: If a bowler picks 2 wickets in the powerplay - 5 points, 3 wickets in the powerplay - 15 points
4) Economy bonus: [(Balls bowled x 1.5) minus Runs conceded]
5) 5 points for completing 4 over quota
6) 1 point per dot ball. 20 points for a maiden
7A) For every over where less than 5 runs are conceded, 5 points
7B) Death over modification - For every over where less than or equal to 7 runs are conceded, 5 points, and additional 2 points if less than or equal to 5 runs are conceded
8) For every over where more than 15 runs are conceded, minus 5 points. Minus 2 points for every no ball bowled. (Minus points not applicable on Batsmen or Batting Allrounders)
9) 30 points for a hattrick
10) 10 points for picking 3 wickets in an over
Example: Malinga picked 5/13 in 3.4 overs vs DD in 2011, bowling 16 dot balls including a maiden. His fantasy points will be calculated as: (20x5) + 25 + 5 + (22x1.5 - 13) + 0 + (16+20) + (2x5) = 196 points

C) Fielding Points:
1) 10 points per catch
2) 15 points per stumping
3) 20 points for a direct hit run out. 15 (first fielder) +10 (second fielder) if there are 2 players involved. If there are more than 3 fielders involved, then points will be given to only the last 2 players involved.
Example: Rohit was run out vs DD in 2016 by Negi/Morris/de Kock. In such a case, Morris gets 15 points and de Kock 10 points.

D) General Points:
1) 5 points if your selected player is selected in the Playing XI
2) 30 points if one of your player is awarded the Player of the match
3) Your captain is awarded twice the points.
4) If your squad is made purely of Indian players, you get 10 points
5) If your squad consists of at least 3 uncapped players, you get 10 points
6) If your captain is an uncapped players, you get 10 points
Example: If your team is - Rohit, Vishnu Vinod, Arjun Tendulkar (c), Shams Mulani, Bumrah, you get 30 bonus points for following rules 4, 5 and 6

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